iMacros Web Automation and Web Testing 6.12

iMacros Web Automation and Web Testing 6.12: Easy Web Automation, Functional and Regression Website Testing, Data Extraction Automate web tasks: Check the same sites every day,data upload, online marketing and functional, performance and regression testing of web sites: Browsing, form filling, clicking, and data extraction can be recorded into an Internet macro. Supports all websites, including Flash, Java and Silverlight applets. Includes a command line interface and Scripting component for use with batch files and VBS (WSH) and .NET web agents.

RadarCube ASP.NET Direct 3.21.0: Powerful ASP.NET and Silverlight OLAP controls. AJAX. IE, FireFox, Chrome etc.
RadarCube ASP.NET Direct 3.21.0

A set of ASP.NET and Silverlight OLAP controls (Grid and Chart). The main featues: 100% managed, AJAX, medium trust compliance, powerful API, visual and export abilities. No ActiveX. It connects to any database and requires no OLAP server to work. Contains its own OLAP engine with support of various types of hierarchical dimensions. Supports IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome as client browsers. Try it online at

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QtitanMultimedia 1.3: A Qt component for adding Flash, Silverlight and Adobe Reader to your projects
QtitanMultimedia 1.3

Silverlight and Adobe Reader into any Qt project. And if the extension of multimedia capabilities of Qt is exactly what you are trying to do, make sure to check out the Qtitan Multimedia library! Qtitan Multimedia is a powerful library that will enrich your Qt applications with a wide range of multimedia features. The library completely integrates with Qt Designer and allows you to add Flash, Silverlight and Adobe reader functionality to your apps

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RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Chart for MSAS 2.70.0: ASP.NET Silverlight OLAP control: Visual Analysis of Business Data, OLAP Chart
RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Chart for MSAS 2.70.0

ASP.NET and Silverlight OLAP control to add Visual Analysis to your applications. Displays business data on the internet in charts and graphs rather than in numbers. Works with MS Analysis Services OLAP Server. 100% managed code authored in C# 2.0. Gives users an opportunity to analyze their business data visually on the web. Different chart types. Quick Filters. Modifiers. Different chart shapes. Discrete gradients. Zooming, Dockable panels.

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HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL .Net

HTML to Word, HTML to RTF, HTML to DOC in C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Silverlight, SharePoint. The component enables any .Net application to convert URL, HTML, ASPX to Word, RTF, DOC and Text, merge RTF files. Works in .Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, Medium Trust level, 32-bit, 64-bit apps. The library is completely created in 100% C#, absolutely standalone, has own HTML parser and RTF creator. It converts HTML to RTF with full CSS, tables, formatting.

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Liquid XML Data Binder 8.0.1: Creates a Library for C++,C#,Java,Silverlight,VB.Net,VB6 based on an XML Schema
Liquid XML Data Binder 8.0.1

Bridges the Gap between XML and Code (C++, C#, Java, Silverlight, VB.Net, Visual Basic 6). Generates a class library based on an XML Schema (XSD, XDR or DTD). The resulting library makes it simple to read and write XML documents programmatically, reducing time spent developing and testing. The class library is strongly typed so you can also make use of intellisense. The library forces compliance to the schema resulting in valid XML every time.

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DiagramLite 2.2: A Silverlight control for drawing workflow, network and organizational diagrams.
DiagramLite 2.2

DiagramLite can be used in Silverlight applications to create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, graphs and trees. Its basic types of items - shapes, containers, and links - can be grouped and attached one to another and combined in complex structures. The control provides many predefined node shapes and allows custom-designed ones.

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